Longmont Residents Fighting for Air Quality

Real Tire Recycling

Do you trust this company...to burn tires? Or one of these...to shred and refactor them?
07/2006 CEMEX Neighbors Find Heavy Metals in Dust
07/2006 Report highlights cement industry's toxic toll

06/2006 State accuses Cemex of violations
06/2006 CEMEX Non-Compliant - N.O.V
05/2006 Blowing in the wind
05/2006 'Swipe tests' find heavy metals
05/2006 Mothers group to protest Cemex
11/2005 Study: Park obscured by pollutants
10/2005 Allegations dog Cemex again
9/2005 Notice of Violation (N.O.V.)
5/2004 Catastrophic Failure at CEMEX
2/2004 CEMEX Non-Compliant
2/2004 State fines CEMEX $280,000
  • Snowy River Enterprises, Longmont, CO Tires shredded onsite and used in civil engineering project.
  • Jaitire Industries, Inc., Denver, CO Rubber-based mulch, playground surfaces, rubber-based asphalt and cement, arena surfaces, etc.
  • www.academysportsturf.com
  • www.americantireexchange.com
  • Child's Play of Colorado LLC
  • Click here for more Colorado Vendors

  • More about Tire Recycling & DOLA Grants

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